Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Fibromyalgia?

“Fibromyalgia is a common syndrome in which a person has long-term pain, spread throughout the body. The pain is most often linked to fatigue, sleep problems, headaches, depression, and anxiety.

People with fibromalgia may also have tenderness in the joints, muscles, tendons, and other soft tissues.”

-US Library of Medicine

2. What causes Fibromyalgia?

The exact cause of fibromyalgia is still unknown, however, the many known probable causes for fibromyalgia include:

a. Abnormal pain response, due to the nerves or brain response

b. Post-traumatic stress disorder,

c. Brain anomalies,

d. Physical or emotional trauma.

3. What are fibromyalgia symptoms?

Fibromyalgia symptoms vary from mild to severe conditions. Symptoms include:

a. Fatigue,

b. Joint stiffness,

c. Localized muscle pain pressure point,

e. Additional symptoms include difficulty eating or irritable bowel syndrome.

4. Will Fibroxify cure fibromyalgia?

Fibroxify is NOT a cure for fibromyalgia. Fibroxify is designed to help provide chronic pain relief and inflammation reduction, promote healthy energy levels, and promote restful sleep at night.

It is best to advise with your doctor to determine necessary steps to alleviate your fibromyalgia symptoms.

5. What is the recommended dosage for Fibroxify?

The recommended dosage is 2 capsules per day. Be sure to take food with your capsule intake.

Do not take more than 8 capsules.

6. What ingredients are in Fibroxify?



7. How do I get great results with Fibroxify?

While taking Fibroxify, it is recommended that you follow a traditional fibromyalgia-specific diet. This includes avoiding pro-inflammatory foods, and consuming plenty of water..

8. Where can I buy Fibroxify?

You can buy Fibroxify via Amazon.

9. I have comments or questions about Fibroxify.

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